Snapshots from Inside

Most of my photos come from outside. Here’s a few I’ve taken over the past week while doing mundane things; cooking spaghetti, sitting on my bed reading, and generally being ‘inside’.

Light from outside gets creepy with a silhouette of my lamp…

Imperial’s Photo Society is running a theme of ‘Reflections through the Aperture’ for its exhibition this year; I have been doing a bit of experimenting with reflections, but there’s not many shiny surfaces near where I live!

If I could get a person on the stairs in this composition and darken my kitchen it’d work better.
Cooking up a storm!
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4 thoughts on “Snapshots from Inside

  1. Jonny K

    Nice shots! Good to see you’ve not burned down the place without me yet!

    (And, obv. if in need of a body, I can supply one when back.)

    • Thanks for the offer! But I think the deadline is going to pass before I get any chance to pose people. I could maybe just stand there like a stalker and wait for people to walk home tonight…

  2. Great!! I love taking pictures of mundane things, sometimes I just see a nice reflection in my kitchen and I cannot help grabbing the camera!!

  3. Jo

    love the first pic!


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