Around The World in 49 Hits

Indulge me in a moment of joyous wonder at the technological age we live in: in the past 5 days, people from 49 countries spanning every continent (except the frozen ones) have visited this blog. KABOOM! That was my mind being blown…

Image from and Google Maps. Click to see large.

This doesn’t quite capture all of the variation, as it can only display a limited number of hits at a time, but WOW. Qatar; Russia; Nigeria; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Taiwan; Argentina; Ukraine – the internet’s insane, in a good way (though some could be spambots, etc…)! Africa is lagging a little behind in the continent race (hi, Lisa!) but, aside from the obvious reasons, I don’t exactly blog on subjects of relevance for there… perhaps a slightly more international flavour is in order in 2011?

I thought that, basically, the majority of people who read this blog were people who knew me, which would be limited fairly well to Australia and the UK. True, in the past 5 days since I activated a stat counter those two countries have made up 45% of my traffic, but it still shattered that particular idea of mine.

Anyway, moment of indulgence done! Thanks to Ben for the tip-off on statcounter! I guess I am still in a bit of a ‘hit hangover’ from being Freshly Pressed a couple of weeks back and my traffic will settle back down to a comfortable and personal level soon, but sometimes I forget how big the internet really is, and that my little corner of it is accessible by everyone. Weird. Cool. Scary. Inspiring. Fun. Thanks for visiting, wherever you are in the world!

PS: Looking at the maps for this blog was like a geography lesson. So THAT’s where Montenegro is…

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12 thoughts on “Around The World in 49 Hits

  1. I might be at least one of your Taiwan hits – thanks for mentioning, because I was looking for something that would work with yet not ruin the look of my site like some services will.

  2. M@

    If you go back and check up on your Youtube videos, you’ll find some interesting information gathered by the Youtube cookie. They recently updated the interface for looking at this information, it can sort the ‘hits’ chronologically and by location. If you run your links through link shortener engines such as you’ll also be able to generate some stats from number of clicks on the specific link you created. I guess web advertisers would generally make best use of this information.

  3. You are welcome!! it´s a pleasure to visit you!!

    Yes, it´s truly amazing how are words reach far flang kingdoms !!

  4. peter

    interesting stuff. is that hit from east of madagascar a small island or a shipping lane?

  5. Kostas

    Your data is incomplete! There is no hit from Greece! (Hm…except if I was on VPN every single time I visited?). Anyways, it’s 50 and sorry for messing your stats!

  6. brunOliveira

    If you keep up those posts and photos maybe it won’t settle down to your personal level… :-)
    By the way you’ll also find where Portugal is…

  7. The internet is realy insane!

  8. Actually Kostas, this map is missing about 15 of the countries, it only can display the latest 50 or so hits on one page of the map. Greece did show up!

    Peter, it’s Saint Leu on Reunion Island (I think it might have been Nic Rako?).

    M@, cheers for the heads up – youtube already had some interesting stats but I haven’t looked at them for ages.

    And brunO, Portugal was already on my mental map of the world… it hosts some good waves!

  9. Oh, and Iran (!) just joined the list to make it 50… hooray!

  10. Am I your only visitor from Africa? Or is that only in the last 50 hits? I have got Clustrmaps (their spelling!) installed, and that keeps a tally of where your readers are coming from, for I think a year (probably depends on the traffic on your site).

    What I’ve found with any site counters that I’ve looked at, is that there are some visitors they cannot determine a location for.

    You would be surprised what lengths people probably go to to read your stuff. I have been reading a South American nature blogger’s stuff. Google Translate actually does a pretty good job of translating his Spanish into English. And I’ve also managed to communicate with a Swedish blogger. Although a friend has tried to warn me against translating things from English into other languages! :-)

  11. Yes, I’ve seen some very interesting translations into English! It’s a minefield. And no, I’ve had at least 2 other independent SA hits, and I think two other African countries. Probably local followers of yours who’ve found my blog that way, haha!

  12. brunOliveira

    Really think so? then for surf check Praia Grande, Sintra, and once again for intense photos, again Sintra. The rest of the country will only give you 4 or 5* pics. But Sintra will give you breathtaking pictures.


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