Winter Sunshine

It seems more than a little strange to see the sun, at its full midday brilliance, struggling to clear the top of a distant tree. Welcome to Northern Hemisphere winter, Mr. Australian!

Sunday lived up to its name, delivering crystal clear skies. I enjoyed a nice sleep in, opened my curtains to the first proper sunshine for about a month, and promptly went for a walk with my camera. I was a little exuberant and only wore a light top, so my hands were frozen by the time I arrived home, but it was worth it!

The theme of this set: sunny silhouettes and shadows! Click any for the large size…
A stark sunburst and winter walkers.
Left or right? It doesn’t matter…
A slightly creepier shot from the depths of shadow.
The remains of autumn colour carpet the ground, while the winter sun casts long shadows.
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2 thoughts on “Winter Sunshine

  1. The light in the early mornings is superb … beautiful pictures!!!

    • Believe it or not, this was after midday! In winter here the sun never really gets above what I would normally call ‘just rising’. Depressingly short days but it does make for great light all day long when the clouds disappear.


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