Look Around You…

They just don’t make TV shows like they used to. I was tipped off to an *amazing* show recently… Look Around You! It’s science communication done right: dry, slow, and completely and utterly ridiculous.

Pure genius. Pure calcium. I wish I’d seen this in school.

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8 thoughts on “Look Around You…

  1. Andrew

    I remember watching that show during late night sessions at Uni computer labs. Utter gold, Especially the ‘Sulpher’ episode.

    • I imagine that overtiredness (as I am now), intoxication and/or extreme boredom would make it even better. The complete deadpan is just brilliant.

  2. Kostas

    Lol, it’s so amazingly ridiculous!

  3. Mary Beth

    You must be stuck in a cave somewhere to show crap like this! Do you have a “mean streak” by any chance? lol

    Oh, hope that you will show, possibly interview, some of the people that you meet on your travels.

    Stay Safe,


  4. Mary Beth

    Are you smoking “funny cigarettes”…(whacky tabacci?)

  5. Henk

    A program that I got my kids to look at was “Science Court” for younger kids but enjoyable for all

  6. MB, no, nothing like that! I just appreciate absurd humour.

    Henk, thanks for the tip off, I’ll check it out!

  7. George

    Ah, the most beautiful spoof science show… I forgot how amazing this was…


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