Floating above the void

I hang motionless, untouched by the ever-changing matrix of reality that surrounds me. Numbness is interrupted only by glittery flashes from outside. I reach out, filled with intent and purpose, to grasp at the sparking currents and plug back in to the world. I see words on a screen.

Pressure builds up. My hazy bubble distorts and stretches, dangerously close to rupture. I realise how close I am to the precipice, the breaking point at which my true state will catch up with me.

That’s a flowery way of saying I’m over-tired. I had drafted something for Sunday Science, but my attempt to read and edit it this morning brought me perilously close to collapsing asleep on my keyboard. Instead, I’ll leave you with a couple of random archive photos, and promise that you’ll hear about The Scientist’s Dilemma later in the week. Enjoy your Sunday!

The calm… an idyllic morning at Ballina in 2009.
The storm… having abandoned any attempt at style, I brace for a good Southern Ocean flogging at Westcape.
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3 thoughts on “Floating above the void

  1. enjoy your sunday too!! and get some good rest!!!

  2. Chris

    Thank goodness you were just tired. I thought you had been dabbling in elicit substances.

  3. Mary Beth

    You need a new swim suit after this jaunt!


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