Puzzling Abstractions, Photo Style

Right, well, this year’s lacked any real challenge for you, the reader, on here so far! Here’s 8 abstract photos; your task is to guess what they are! If you’d rather not exercise the mental muscle, you can always just look at them and enjoy their vagueness. I’ve thrown in an unambiguous wave shot at the end as a reward.

Got it? Good! They’re easy, right?

A Southern Ocean swell line detonates on a sharp, barely-covered reef…
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4 thoughts on “Puzzling Abstractions, Photo Style

  1. Let me try and guess

    No.1 looks like a bottle with a label on it, might it be some kind of drink?
    No.2 looks like a stamen or it can be some kind of fruit.
    No.3 looks like a fence
    No.4 is waves with with surfers.
    No.5 is droplets of liquid (water?) on a glass
    No.6 looks like 2 people hugging behind a car or something, in a forest?
    No.7 looks like lamp posts/or lantern behind a fence?
    No.8 is a mushroom or a fungi

    How many did I got right?

    • You did very well! The only one that is totally wrong on your list is number 3, the others are all either correct or close. I wouldn’t drink the first one, but it is a container with liquid; the people in number 6 aren’t hugging, but are in a forest; no 5 is water droplets, but not on a glass. Overall, good job!

  2. No, I only half know what it is! Someone else took the photo with my film camera when I wasn’t in the room! I can narrow it down to one of two things… and it’s almost impossible to guess.


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