National Squirrel Appreciation Day

I just saw on Twitter that it was National Squirrel Appreciation Day yesterday. It’s belated, but how could I resist an opportunity to dust off my squirrel photos? Some of you may have seen these; I’m sure they will still capture your heart a second time.

Oh yeah, work it baby!
The Squirrel-Half-Pipe Tree.
Gimme some Attitude!
I’m checkin’ you out!
A squirrel and snow! OMG!
Chomp Chomp.
Look at the eyes… they follow you around the room…

OK, well, that’s enough of that. You can tell I have a soft spot for those little furry rascals. In other news, Ben and I debuted our very own radio show today; you can listen to the first episode – our top songs of 2010 – here. Under the expert guidance of Polly, we negotiated the maze of sliders and buttons without too many mishaps. I think I’m slowly finding my radio voice…

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10 thoughts on “National Squirrel Appreciation Day

  1. Mary Beth

    Sweet! I love squirrels too! However, I also
    like birds, and have several bird houses in my back yard along with several bird feeders.
    My problem is: The squirrels get most of the
    feed!Help me solve this problem, okay?

    Stay safe,

    Mary B.

    • To be honest, I’ve no idea how to discourage squirrels! We don’t have anything similar in Australia; we were more worried about the common birds, like magpies and lorikeets, scaring away the rarer, shy birds!

      I wonder if there’s a way you can have the feeders hanging/hovering in a place the squirrels can’t reach. It would be tricky!

  2. beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Peter

    not that it is the grey squirrel’s fault, and it doesn’t affect their undeniable cuteness, but i think they are from north america and have displaced the native red squirrels. i once saw a red squirrel in the lake district. could be a challenge for you to find and take a picture of a red sqirrel.

  4. Yes, I hear they’re a more majestic creature! I do want to visit the Lake District, it looks incredible.

  5. Ah sweet . . . Any excuse to haul out those squirrel photos?!

    Personally, I think the Cape Ground Squirrel rules! ;-)

    P.S. Great photos!

  6. George

    Disgusting creatures. Still, I want to see the ‘Squirrel Wars’ doc in the sci comm area.

  7. Chris

    I wonder if there is a similarity between the way some people view refugees and immigrants and the way some people view the grey squirrel as opposed to the red squirrel. Fear of their habitat being usurped?

  8. Yes, but people are nowhere near as cute as squirrels. Imagine how easy it would be to get along with immigrants OR locals if they had big fluffy tails and ran up trees.


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