Sunday Sprawl: It’s Australia?

My almost-a-week-now flu-cold-thing has really sapped my blogging energy, and once again the post that I mentioned last week is languishing in draft form, looking pleadingly at me while I steadfastly fail to complete it. Instead, I’m going to point you to some very thought-provoking images of urban sprawl, along with examples of people who actually have successfully completed science blogs recently!

OK, so you’ve gone to look at the urban sprawl, right? That one looks like Australia, right? Cool. Anyway.

If you want to check out a science-art-selfhelp fusion, with an occasionally hilarious list of commandments for your January, check out Nathan’s tips on how to beat the January blues here.

If you’ve ever wondered if social science affects social media, Lizzie’s got it covered. But would she be in my top 50 friends? I think so…

And rounding out the trifecta, Ben’s mustered a countdown of the 5 funniest and biggest science fails, from Tibbles the Cat to… well, click here to find out!

And in the spirit of that last link, here’s a frog!

Fallax Past Nine at Clagiraba… now back to my paracetamol and ibuprofen haze…
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One thought on “Sunday Sprawl: It’s Australia?

  1. hope you get better soon!!


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