Search Term Confusion

People arrive at my blog in some really strange ways. Here’s a list of my favourite (?) recent search terms…

  • “pencil tragedy” (Oh no!)
  • “top of the dingle” (Err?)
  • “tetris evolution can’t get hamiltons” (Damn right!)
  • “home made mosquitoes tramps and photo” (Spelling fail.)
  • “it’s a great life” (Yay!)
  • “song titles easy to sketch for pictionary” (Um, Money by Pink Floyd, but not Lisztomania by Phoenix)
  • “why is scott like this i dont like it” (Serious relationship angst here!)
  • “what does “unzip my swag” mean” (I’ll tell you when you’re older)

Heh. I can just imagine the poor person typing that last one in, their mind burning with the question…

“I’m pitching a tent in the dark. Nothing suss!”
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2 thoughts on “Search Term Confusion

  1. Nathan

    I’ve used at least four of those when searching for this site in the past.

    Although, I know why Scott is like that, and I’m not saying.


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