Mad Teaser, and Australia Day Flashback

Did you hear Ben and I on the radio last week? If so, great. If not, that’s fine – we were just warming up. You’re in for a treat this week on Five Songs

That’s right! Five songs to play if you find out your loved one is a robot. What would you play? If you put your request in here, we might give you a special shout out and play the song!

Oh, and it’s Australia Day right now. The Aussies are fighting it out to win the one-day cricket series against England; Triple J are playing the Hottest 100 of 2010, and I’m stuck in London with single-digit temperatures. Bah!

Ty, wake-surfing on Australia Day a couple of years ago…
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2 thoughts on “Mad Teaser, and Australia Day Flashback

  1. George

    HA, you used that footage of Nelly. Did you ask her?!


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