The best song of 2010? Jet me out of here

I don’t often post rants. Not often. But seriously? Angus and Julia Stone won the Hottest 100 today? What’s going on?

Yes, it’s not bad. They wrote it, they play it, and I hear they’re good live. Congratulations to them. But it’s also boring. What was it competing against?

A cool tune, definitely more upbeat and catchier than AJS. Really, though, I can’t say it’s a great song. It echoes my sentiment from the radio show last week: 2010 was a pretty poor year for new music releases. Some decent albums, some OK pop songs. Some reached into the realms of good for a chorus or two. I found it hard to populate my shortlist for 10 songs for my vote, though: in 2009, I was trimming painfully down from 20 or so songs from different artists which I rated highly. Dear music industry, can you please do better in 2011?

Don't die, just make better music!

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6 thoughts on “The best song of 2010? Jet me out of here

  1. Really, they won?
    I only heard up to around 20. I was disappointed my picks were all fairly high up. I have to disagree with you – it wasn’t a great year for music, but I truly loved the music that hit the mark for me.
    I’ve been nuts about Tame Impala since I first heard them. José González is brilliant, so I’ve really liked the Jupip. Bliss N Eso were a shock for me (I’m not usually into hip hop, but I like their sound). Band of Horses… There were a number of bands I enjoyed.
    I agree that it’s surprising that they won and that Little Red got 2nd – their new stuff has nothing on their first album.

    • Well, it’s strange. I listened to absolutely loads of music, especially on JJJ, this year – travelling by car for 4 months it was my main companion!

      So I enjoyed the ‘discoveries’ I made via that, lots of new bands, but it was more albums and bands that got me, rather than any specific song. There wasn’t an anthem, or a particularly witty tune that I can point to and say “this defined 2010”!

      • With all the field work etc JJJ has pretty much been the same thing for me. I’d have to agree, it’s been more bands than a defining song, although Miami Horror seem to spring to mind as a close contender – not only because I like their music, but also how widespread it seemed to be. That said, 2010 had me all 70’s with the folk of Jupip and psychedelic Tame Impala! lol

  2. Patrick

    I might be as let down by your opening pun as I am by the countdown…

    Maybe time has reduced your witticism

    • You’ve spent too long in America, you have lost the art of the awful joke! The best thing is that I could have used it when Are You Gonna Be My Girl won, and by changing “Jet” to “Take” it would work for Franz’s year, and “March” for One Crowded Hour… it is the headline that keeps on giving.

      Or I could have made a pun about being left stone cold by it.

  3. Patrick

    All valid points.

    Maybe America just overexposes one to bad jokes via their awful tv, leaving them with no tolerance for further intrusions into the bad pun territory


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