Get me some photos! STAT!

This blog hasn’t had much in the way of shiny, damp pictures of late. No, no, literally! Nothing suss. Oh, and before you enjoy the photos (or while you enjoy them!) go have a listen to Ben and I’s latest radio show. You’ll see how James Brown, accusations of rape (!) and dancefloors all fit together in one seamless hour of music and chatter.

These shots were all taken using my trusty Cybershot, which, with its in-built manufacturing defect which meant it would lose focus and shake uncontrollably at odd times, gave me much joy and tears between 2007 and now. It currently sits at the back of my drawer… camera #4 in my arsenal.

A huge bug I found in the garden one day. Anyone ID it?
The JAWS perspective! *insert classic theme tune here*
A different perspective of an awesome little jumping spider…
A solemn mushroom sentinel.
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2 thoughts on “Get me some photos! STAT!

  1. beautiful photographs!!

  2. chris

    You would love some of the spiders we have had in the garden this summer, Dave, and some of the flowering palms which have emerged after so much rain are beautiful. I will try to capture them with my new Canon Powershot!


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