The most meaningful spam ever

“Don’t believe anything you’re said and hear. It’s better to follow your instinct that’s, hopefully, molded by experience. Still, this is solid information that shouldn’t be neglected.”

Akismet’s pretty good at trapping and caging those pesky spam comments. Some are obvious; the huge link-dumps to a website. Others are more crafty, making generalised compliments about the blogger or content of the page. Advanced versions even grab key words out of the post to refer to; “I particularly enjoy your discussion of Jargon Awards, it the most thoughtful treatment I have come across, I bookmark you page for later return.”

But the one I’ve quoted above takes the cake. The first line blatantly contradicts the third, and it’s trying to give me metaphysical advice! Bravo, spambot. You’re currently the best I’ve seen.

Not sure if I have ever posted this before… a mind twister!
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6 thoughts on “The most meaningful spam ever

  1. great photo! as for the spam thing, not sure how it works but once I got a mail asking for “internet terrorists” and I was curious and found out they were hiring people to comment on pages and to click on pages. Anyway, I didn´t want to be considered a terrorist LOL and didn´t contact them.

  2. Haha, yeah, best not to answer adverts for terrorists!

  3. Mary Beth

    Love the photo! The building in the reflection looks so interesting. I would truly love to explore it from top to bottom!

    Rise above those “pesky jerks” like the one above. You have more important things to do, like go have a cold beer with a friend, and listen to some great jazz.

  4. Mary Beth

    Are you blogging your friends in Cairo? Not sounding good…

  5. chris

    You have posted that photo before. Is it spilt milk with the building reflected in it?


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