Wrapping It Up

And so, the end of another month… time for a photo wrap and a review of proceedings!

Reflections on the Thames. I like the contrails.

Early on in this month I made it my mission to post once per day. I’m not sure why. It was an arbitrary decision. As a result there’s been more chaff than wheat, but it was an interesting exercise. There’s been plenty of encouragement along the way, so thanks to you for reading!

A tower near Kew in evening sunlight.

The site has visits from 72 countries, which continues to blow my mind a little bit. I know that some might not be ‘real’ people… but I’ve been taking a course about internet theory and it emphasises the potential for interconnection on the internet. It’s real!

A patch of sunset light was catching this grave on my walk home one evening. Quite spectacular.

I also had my best month of views in which I wasn’t featured on WordPress, and was close to achieving 100 page views each day (I was on a streak until Australia Day, the 26th, when I fell short by 3 hits). Oh well, it was close!

Kew Bridge in the evening light.

I’m going to be posting a bit less regularly in February, both to free up a bit of time and to bump the quality of my posts up! There we have it; the first month of 2011, tick!

For some reason I think the enormous lens flares work with this shot.
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5 thoughts on “Wrapping It Up

  1. Okay! I did not realize that your everyday posting was a goal for January. . I was thinking, “How does he have so much TIME?” I have another friend who posts every other day, and between visiting both hers and your sites, I have certainly felt the pressure to post more than once every 2 (3ish) weeks. I want to up to once a week, and your regular posts have been part of that motivation (aka peer pressure). :)

  2. It was a good month! you cannot complain!!
    beautiful photos by the way ….

  3. Lovely photos. A post a day is terribly difficult to accomplish. I’m barely making it with a photo a day. And I agree with you that the quality of posting/photos deteriorate the more you try to achieve a posting/photo. But one thing good about forcing yourself to get a posting/photo a day is that you try to find subject matter that you previously would have ignore.

  4. Mary Beth

    Stunning photographes! Tks. for sharing. Kew Bridge is my favorite.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Christy, I think it’s because I’m studying a module in online content, which gives me a legitimate excuse to surf the web… so if I happen to find something cool, it gives me blog ideas!

    Amryl, I think a photo assignment is almost more difficult. I find it easy to just write some thoughts but often drag up archive photos. It’s easy to go shoot once a week or on holiday, then use them as a resource for months afterwards!


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