Now THAT’s a storm

Remember, Australia’s a similar size to the USA… that’s a monster cyclone!

Whoa. My home state, Queensland (remember the one with all the floods last month? that one) is about to get bashed by a massive Tropical Cyclone called Yasi. Check this out:

Holy smoke! My sister’s about halfway up the Queensland coast, and was warned to evacuate yesterday, which was then retracted as the storm moved more to the north. Still, there’s lots of townships along that stretch of coast which are looking at a very serious disaster.

I hope everyone can take the necessary precautions and stay safe – I can’t really hold out much hope for the infrastructure though. The storm surge associated with the cyclone making landfall is predicted to be big, and there’s lots of low-lying areas which will be inundated (not to mention the 250kph wind gusts). For more information about the storm, check out the official Bureau of Meteorology wrap here, or the more readable news page at the Courier Mail here.

A much smaller storm front moves over a South Australian shoreline…
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8 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a storm

  1. Hi Dave, yes looks like a big section of actively changing climate is heading for Queensland. We hope people heed the warnings and take cover. With good sense and a bit of luck everyone should be alright.

    Looks like another “rebuild Queensland” event will be on soon up north. It’s going to cost a bit but we’re lucky we’ve got all that coal and gas to sell to pay for it…or is it the other way around, are we now starting to pay the piper for selling all the coal and gas…how will we know?

    People are starting to make comments on talk back radio that the 1 in 100 year storms seem to be happening every 30 years or so. Unfortunately they’re blaming the weatherman…poor



  2. Hope your sister will be safe from the cyclone. Here in NZ, we received the tail end of the previous storm that hits Australia.

  3. Will

    It is a massive storm. I also heard today that the swell forecast for GC is 8-10 ft!!! I bet you wish you could teleport back for a surf….?

  4. oh my!! hope they stay safe!!! take good care of yourself!!!

  5. Will, I don’t know about that, probably too crazy and big for me! However the tail end of cyclone swells can be amazing on the Goldy, so perhaps next week!

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this as it develops; I love weather, but am mainly concerned for everyone up North, especially the big sis!

    Jimbo, too right. The infrastructure to sell said coal and gas is also getting a hammering… could it be a sign?

  6. Mary Beth

    I am sure your sister will stay safe safe, especially after talking to you.
    I am truly sorry this is happening to your country. I thought you were from America! (You’re always welcome here..) We’re having a “cold front”
    where I live. lol 27 degrees..

    Please stay safe, and remember: This too shall pass!

  7. That is a huge storm! Pretty satellite photo though. And the second image is really beautiful.

    Hope Queensland gets through this with less flooding.

    Floods in the northern part of South Africa during the last month, have also been quite devastating.

  8. MB: Brrr! I’ve heard about the situation in America; the world’s gone mad in the past few months, weather-wise! I got a message from my sister, she’s in good spirits though the storm is becoming more intense.

    Lisa, I don’t think there will be long-lasting flooding like the January event. And yes, even though it’s damaging, the scale of the storm is breathtaking to look at.


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