The Truth About Australian Wildlife

I’ve been known to describe, at length, the uniqueness of Australia’s natural heritage. Mostly it involves heroic tales of me seeing, but not being accosted by, variously dangerous animals. What I didn’t realise is that our animals are a bunch of copycats.

An antisocial echidna at Lakefield National Park.

Over at Around the World with a Vagabond, Christy’s made a hilarious and compelling case, using pictures, that what we consider to be uniquely Australian is actually just a mish-mash of other animals stolen (ha) from other continents. Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Australian Wildlife

  1. Cheers, dude! :) A couple weeks ago, I came across an echidna in the woods, and just like this little guy, he kept most of his face hidden.

  2. it looks like me in the morning!


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