Hyde Park Tinkering

The sun came out this week! I went for a walk in Hyde Park and took pictures. The end.*

Playing with focal planes is fun, as is taking pictures of squirrels running with nuts.
I was considering submitting this for PhotoSoc’s exhibition about ‘reflections’, but forgot the deadline was yesterday…
A stroll in a glorious park for some, a lonely moment for another…

*I’m supposed to be writing my assignment for our Narrative class right now.

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6 thoughts on “Hyde Park Tinkering

  1. Kostas

    Love all of them!!!
    The last two could easily had gone on the exhibition!
    And how the hell do you get the camera to focus on a stip of the picture?!

    • Photoshop… haha. You can do something similar in real life with something called a tilt-shift lens, but they’re complicated and expensive.

  2. I love the reflections picture, the sillohette of the branches & tip of the building caught me offguard as the image loaded/ I was scrolling down. More more more !!

  3. Incredible pictures! Love the second pic.

  4. wonderful picturea°

  5. M@

    The mirror image reminds me of a scene from inception… we have to go in derpa.


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