The. Big. Bang. Stop. Motion. Incredible.

In the recent flurry of activity (Chinese New Year, writing my Narrative assignment, the last week of the first 4 academic modules for the term, etc…) I haven’t been able to keep very up to date on here… but for your visual pleasure, an incredible (seriously INCREDIBLE) stop motion artwork about life, the universe and everything!

Tip of the hat to Ben.

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3 thoughts on “The. Big. Bang. Stop. Motion. Incredible.

  1. Jake Lea-Wilson

    If you like stop motion this is worth watching:

    • Yes, PES is ridiculous! We’re doing a stop motion for our group project this term and Morag has directed us on some crazy youtube adventures on the topic.

  2. Kostas

    Yeah the guy is pretty mental!
    Hadn’t seen this one before though!
    A more student-related stop motion:


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