Help me win the 2011 Bloggie Award!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m running against 4 other blogs to take out the 2011 Bloggie for Best Science Weblog. Realistically, I should have no chance. I’m a single blogger, while all the other blogs are collaborative efforts (WUWT arguably). I’m the youngest blogger. I’ve got the lowest starting profile – some of my competitors get a thousand times more hits than I do. But I think I can win, and to do that, I need your help.

Instructions on how to vote are below. If you want to hear why I think I should win, read on!

I love science. I read science, I write science, I talk science, I do science. I’m a scientist. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge and new experience drives my life and has brought me halfway around the world, from the sun-drenched Gold Coast to the Science Communication department of Imperial College in London.

Enjoying an amazing beach day back home in Oz... was the move to London the right choice?

I have a vision for the future. I see a world where where education is well funded and delivered worldwide; evidence-based policy guides decision-making to create positive social outcomes; technology and good management drive our economies without causing unnecessary environmental and social harm. I believe that a scientific approach can underpin all of these outcomes and help to build a sustainable future for the world.

However, I don’t see the world going in that direction. The more I looked at education, politics and the environment, the more uneasy I felt about both my future and that of my generation.

I couldn’t sit by and watch the world pass by, complaining that people don’t value science enough. So, I’ve done scientific research, authoring or co-authoring 6 journal articles to date; I’ve communicated science face-to-face, via teaching and outreach, at universities, schools and community groups, with people aged ten to sixty; I’ve facilitated sustainability training courses; I’ve run and participated in Australian Youth Climate Coalition events; and currently, I’m spending $50,000 of my own money – everything I’ve ever saved – to learn how to better communicate science at one of the best places to do so in the world. Plus, I’m 23 – I’m only just getting started.

More than all that, though, science is a source of wonder and joy for me. From looking down a microscope and seeing a tiny cellular drama playing out, to gazing at the billions of stars in a clear night sky, our world rewards discovery and the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. That’s why I love science, and that’s why I write this blog.

From the tiny to the immense, the world around us can inspire.

Compared to the other nominees for Best Science Blog, I believe that I best represent the playful spirit at the heart of science. Like so many of my friends from the Sci Comm course, I am young, passionate and motivated, living in the moment but still looking to the future. I’m not a polished science news machine; I’m not a negatively focused skeptic; I’m a real young scientist doing the best I can to make sense of the world, and share the best of what I find with anyone I can connect with.

That’s why I think I should win the 2011 Bloggie. But, I can’t do it on my own. I need your help, voting and sharing this story. Can the underdog take the title? Voting closes on the 20th of February; after that, we’ll find out!

————- How to vote: it takes 60 seconds! ————

1. Go to the 2011 Weblog awards site.

2. Click on the grey dot next to the blog you want to vote for, to get a check box.

3. Scroll down the page to the bottom (be careful, I’ve heard that using arrow keys/scroll wheels can move your voting choice, so it’s best to use the side scroll bar for this)

4. Enter the ‘captcha’ words in the top line and your email address in the bottom line, then “Submit your nominations”. If you can’t read the Captcha, refresh it on the right hand side.

5. Check your email (and spam folder!) for the confirmation (if you don’t do this, it won’t count!).

6. Share this post however you feel you can! Voting is open until 20th February; we need a tidal wave of grassroots support to win this!

Thanks in advance for voting or any help you can give me by spreading the word on this; it’ll be much appreciated. There are buttons to share on facebook, twitter, reddit, stumbleupon and the like at the bottom on the post. You can follow my progress by subscribing, using the button in the sidebar. Let’s make this happen!

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50 thoughts on “Help me win the 2011 Bloggie Award!

  1. George

    I’m voting. Not just because I’m a friend, but because I think this blog encapsulates everything that is good about science. And that should be cherished.

    Really hope you win Dave. Let the TwitterStorm commence!

    • Thanks George! However this plays out, I hope it’s a positive experience for everyone involved, and that lots of people get the opportunity to be exposed to good/fun science along the way, whether that be here or at the other sites!

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  3. complynn

    Love your site; tweeted your FP post; voted for you!

    Best of luck! Lynn

  4. Hehe .. voted ;)

    but here is a good tip:
    go to and thats all .. – you get all the votes you need :P

  5. For the WIN!

  6. mattycoze

    Vote Quimby

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  8. You really are a nerd. And I voted for you a couple times.

    BTW, I’m envious. I wish I could save that much money. Goodness, you are dedicated. =)

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  10. Peter T

    good on you for getting a nomination – that’s really impressive. you may be a 1-scientist show, but i agree with your assesssment and i take quality over quantity any time.

    apparently andrew bolt is telling all his readers to vote for wuwt (seriously, how does that site even qualify as a science blog), no doubt so that he can point to another nail in the coffin of climate change theory – that is how he works.

    voting now. good luck dave.

  11. George


  12. Jguno

    I entered through Freshly Pressed. I looked the posts in the blog and found them so interesting. Above all, I like your attitude.
    Voted, I wish you good luck!

  13. Yang Song

    Go David go! I have voted for you~ Good luck and I think your blog is great~

  14. David,
    great way to tell your story. you’ve convinced me — I’m voting for you.
    being in the top five in an achievement on its own, and best of luck to you to win.

  15. Thanks so much for the support everyone!

  16. Voted. Good luck. You have to beat that “climate” site. They beat me to an award a few years back.

  17. Jake Lea-Wilson

    Vote is in. The real question is what are you going to do with the prize money? Drinks (or should that be drink – singular) on you?

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  19. Good luck, David!

    Did some promotion for you on my site today . . . maybe that will get you some more votes. Every vote counts, right?! :-)

  20. Found your blog through “notes from africa” and just love what you stand for. Will be back to read more. Have voted and passed on your request for votes.

  21. I came to your site from Lisa. I will vote for you and I have signed up as well. The half naked picture did it for me.

  22. Oh dear, that wasn’t the intention but I guess if it gets votes it’s fine by me. Haha. Thanks Lisa!

  23. Read about you on Lisa’s site and will most-certainly vote. I will also recommend your blog to my 17-year-old nephew–a bright young mind and science-junkie. He won’t help you win, but he will love your site!

    Blogging from Haiti,

  24. Voted – go Dave! :)

  25. mattycoze

    This post has asploded with comments, GO DAVE :D

    • Thanks Matt! It has asploded a bit, but I think I’ll be needing in the order of several hundred comments and perhaps 20,000 votes to really be in with a shot. How are you with running viral campaigns, haha? I’m gonna try my best!

  26. Lydia

    Voted. Dave, Good luck!

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  28. Karin

    Your blog is one of the best tools out there for those of us on the front-lines dealing with climate denialists–you keep up with everything I don’t always have time to keep up with. It’s a great teaching resource as well. You’ve got my vote, and I shared on FB as well. Good luck! It’s a honor to be nominated, but I hope you win, and keep up the good work.

  29. You got my vote: I know first hand how it feels to be an underdog in a blog-voting competition! All the best! :)

    • Voted for you. Subscribed. And now Reblogging: BUT the voting process is a bit of a pain in the neck. Anyways, you are up against some formidable opposition and I hope you come out on top! Cheers!

      • Thanks Dr Skeptic! Yes, the voting process is painful, I guess it’s to try to avoid poll-crashing, but I am guessing that significant numbers of people would just see it and give up :-/

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  31. voted too. Hopefully you get there.

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  34. Ed Lau

    Saw this on Reddit! Hope you win man, just voted for you……btw you should consider getting an actual domain now!

  35. Why not use a catchall address to game the system when you are getting a domain name as well?

  36. Daniel Barnett

    Lets go cuz, mate your gonna win easily.

  37. J. Thomas

    Very awesome site. Also from reddit, and voted for your site. Bookmarked for more future reading.

  38. Cheers to the Redditors, have been amazed at the response overall from there! Dr. Skeptic, I definitely need to look into a domain name now, and Dan, love the attitude! Even if I don’t come first I feel like I’ve won.

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  40. Brigitte Hemke

    Hi David,
    I would like to get in contact with you, but I have no idea how. So I try it this way. I would like to ask you if it is possible to receive images of the photos below. They are AMAZING!!!

    Hectic Left
    Double Up Barrel
    The curtain falls

    I don’t know how much you would ask for that, just like to let you know I love to pay for it, but I do not have too much money at the moment
    !! Let me know what you would like to ask for them.

    Hope I can reach you with this message and love to hear from you.

    Brigitte Hemke,

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  42. I’ve recently started a web site, the information you offer on this website has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work. “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” by Ayn Rand.


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