Guest Post and a Top Five

Today, John over at Skeptical Science has been kind enough to offer me a guest post. Check it out here. Please do what you can to spread the word about it; in addition to promoting my Bloggie push, it raises the issue of a lack of young voices in the science blogosphere and in science communication in general.

As if you needed them, here’s a punchy top 5 reasons to vote for me. If you already have, you’re awesome, thanks!

1. I’m an independent blogger. That puts me at a disadvantage compared to all of my competitors in terms of time spent creating content, but it guarantees that everything you see on here is 100% me!

2. I’m young. There just isn’t that many young science bloggers out there; why not support one while you can?

3. I’m an underdog. My competitors have huge readerships to gather votes from, whereas I’m relying on my own initiative and a grassroots campaign to mount a challenge. That means you!

4. I create. Almost all of the photos on this site are mine, including the header images. None of my competitors do this!

5. I’m not a one trick pony. Science is great, but it’s not everything in life. My blog reflects that; it’s a healthy, diverse diet of photos, musings, science, stories, links to cool stuff and comment on current events.

A gas sampler at the Science Museum's atmospheres gallery.

Vote here; it’s a tiny bit confusing (and involves email confirmation – don’t worry, they won’t share it for anything), so if you need help, there’s instructions here.

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5 thoughts on “Guest Post and a Top Five

  1. bagnidilucca

    I tried leaving a comment on the other site, but there were too many hoops to jump through. Anyway, I’m pleased that you are keen to do something constructive. Let’s hope you can inspire lots more young people to go along with you. I’m a baby boomer. We didn’t set out to do the wrong things.

  2. That’s a fine piece you’ve guest written. The best writing of yours I’ve read, I think! (I hope you agree :) )

  3. Thanks bagnidilucca; I don’t blame the baby boomers for ‘doing the wrong thing’. There are so many factors contributing to the current situation it would be meaningless to point the finger at one group.

    Will; cheers! Though I have caught a bit of flak for it there already. Ah, the thrill of poking one’s head above the parapet.

  4. Good luck. I’m enjoying your posts so far! Passing them along via facebook.

  5. We’d love to get you in a guest blogger too :)


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