A New Blog is Born

A tiny infant, tottering and stumbling into the bright world – or is it a future behemoth, opening one eye and lazily surveying the domain it shall conquer?

I’m not sure if either is an apt description, but the important thing is that Refractive Index, the collaborative blog about science communication run out of the Sci Comm department at Imperial, is live!

Head on over and check it out; so far, there’s 4 posts up, including a thoughtful piece on the intersection of art and science.

I’m not sure if there will ever be a more appropriate segue into posting this video and having a silly dance for 4 minutes…

Note: this video has no association or resemblance with the Refractive Index.

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4 thoughts on “A New Blog is Born

  1. The magic fountain is a small fountain in a fridge!!

  2. M@

    And so it was some motley crew stacking shelves all through the night,
    one of them, a lunatic, told me of his plight…
    one cup to the left of him, two plates to the right
    and then he saw, AND THEN HE SAW – AND THEN HE SAW THE PRICE!
    it was

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  4. Hahahaha love it M@. The curse of every department store employee.


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