The streak is over!

What a strange, strange week. I’ve stumbled from overtired or shocking lows to testosterone-fuelled highs. Along the way, I ran out of the mental steam required to post daily here, and broke a 50+ day streak! Oh well. Things had been getting a little insane.

Along with a few semi-personal things, I submitted a fairly bad assignment (gah, I will feel annoyed about its lack of quality for a while), had volleyballs and footballs smashed at me from point blank range, saw two good movies (Black Swan = great) and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, worked on some more I, Science stuff, appeared in the student newspaper Felix to promote my Bloggie campaign (with one of the most embarrassing introductions ever, thanks Charlie!), and had a radio show disaster.

Today I’m taking a day to unwind and have fun somewhere in London that I’ve not visited yet. Where? I don’t know. How refreshing. I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow for Sunday Science, and the last day of voting for the Bloggies!

Sunset on a muted London evening, from the Monument top balcony...

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9 thoughts on “The streak is over!

  1. Have fun!!!

  2. Mary Beth

    All work and no play…..

    Love the photo! I have never been to London. Hope to go one of these days.
    I hope that you will be attending The Royal Wedding, and will include lots of photos here! Please, oh, please!
    You are leading a very blessed life, and I hope that you are enjoying every second of it! Stay safe, and Seize the Day!

  3. Mary Beth

    Have you been to New York City? Just curious. mb

  4. Mary, no, I haven’t been to America at all. One day I’ll get there! And I don’t think I’ll be going along to the Royal Wedding… I’m sure the BBC will have nonstop coverage, better than I can do!

  5. Jen Smith

    Hey Aussie Dave, it’s Jen from volleyball. I saw your interview in Felix and decided to check your blog out! Your blog is great (I voted for your award!) but in particular your photos are stunning! Why you’d ever want to leave Aus and come to rainy England with all that beautiful scenery around you I’ll never know! I’ve wanted a decent camera for ages (which I will buy with my first pay cheque in October!) so it’s fascinating to see the difference in quality. There’s only so much you can do with a compact camera, or at least only so much I know about. Well done with the blog, and see you at training! xx

    • Yes, a good camera and the time to travel/take photos are definitely two key ingredients! And a paycheque helps too… working full time makes it easier to splash out on the gear. However, it does take time to learn how to use the better cameras effectively… I have wasted some pretty good photo opportunities because I didn’t know how to use my gear properly!

  6. Chris

    Sounds like a time out is just what the doctor ordered. Hope your day checking London out was fun and interesting. Look forward to seeing any pics.

  7. M@

    We’re going STREAKING! In the Quad!

  8. Believe it or not, I didn’t take my camera. It was drizzling and rainy. Went and checked out the Barbican complex, a very cool area. Didn’t streak though!


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