A Photo Dig

Yesterday, I went digging for a photo. What I found was interesting… enjoy!

A glassy riverbank in central North Queensland, July 2010.

A curious kangaroo, Durras, August 2010.

Climbing into the Gibraltar Range, August 2010.

Muted sunset on the Weipa beach, July 2010.

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8 thoughts on “A Photo Dig

  1. bagnidilucca

    Great pics, isn’t Australia lovely?

  2. Beautiful pictures. Love the Kangaroo! :) Australia seems to be a beautiful country! Pictures taken in India always have people in them. Your camera can never escape people.

    Sometimes this is an interesting thing because you get some candid shots. Emotions captured perfectly, etc. But I would love to experience the vast stretches of nature (without people!) seen in these pictures.


    • Yes, there can be so much expression captured with people. Sometimes it can get a little boring taking photos of landscapes – it’s often breathtaking, but we’re wired to empathise with people, not sunsets!

  3. Love kanga! and the bottom pic.

  4. M@

    Yahoo answers yields some funny stuff on the topic of kangaroos.

  5. Mary Beth

    Interesting. Love the kangaroo!

  6. Fantastic fotos: and of course, how can one NOT love the ‘roo! :)

  7. The ‘roo rocks!!! Thanks for such gorgeous pix.


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