In which Goliath triumphs…

I didn’t take out the Bloggie for Best Science Blog. As I suspected, it went to Watts Up With That, the climate change denial site. It wasn’t a surprise, considering the quantity and high level of motivation of the WUWT readership, but I’ll be crafting my reflections on the whole Bloggie experience into a more detailed post soon.

For now, though, I want to thank everyone who helped to spread the word and vote in my campaign. We were facing a huge task to pull off a win and, while we didn’t achieve it, I was still amazed at the level of support that was forthcoming. I was tweeted by dozens, including some quite big names; plugged on blogs by Dr Skeptic, Notes From Africa, Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub, among others; given a guest post on Skeptical Science by John (thanks John!); and shared on reddit, Facebook, stumbleupon and email by friends, family and strangers alike.

Unfortunately, the push didn’t quite go ‘viral’ enough to take off in and of itself. However, in a way, I’m a little relieved – this definitely isn’t the ‘Best Science Weblog’ out there, so while I would have loved to win, I wouldn’t have felt as though I deserved it.

So, thanks, and now that the Bloggie chapter is over, I hope I can continue to post stories, photos, links and science stuff to entertain your internet appetites!

To be honest, all self-promotion felt quite disconcerting... a politician's life is not for me!

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14 thoughts on “In which Goliath triumphs…

  1. bagnidilucca

    Better luck next time.

  2. Jurgen Bogerd

    you call Whatsupwiththat ‘a climate change denial site’.
    Do you say so in envy or in ignorance?
    The core strength of WU is it’s openness and trying for scientific integrity in the climate debate, and in exposing the political agenda in bad science.
    They don’t deny climate change, they’re just looking for the data. Scientific correct data that is.
    Are you?

    • Hi Jurgen. I know lots of people don’t like the D-word. However I really dislike the term ‘skeptic’ because it is a label which is proudly attached to the tradition of rational scientific skepticism, and that is not on display either in the content or comments at WUWT. For example, Anthony dotingly links to an article by Christopher Booker, who claims:

      “A vast academic industry receives more billions for concocting the bogus science that underpins the scare.”

      That’s a dramatic conspiracy theory accusation levelled at thousands of scientists, who all would individually or as a group stand to receive accolades and rest easy about the future if they could replace the prevailing AGW theory with a non-anthropogenic cause. It’s not ‘just looking for the data’.

    • Will

      @Jurgen Bogerd

      Well you must be blind because the data is there, and has been for years. Open your eyes Jurgen you troll!

      WUWT is the most ridiculous blog I have ever read. Many of the posts are simply the author pointing out record low temps in the USA to try and prove global warming isn’t happening. Idiots.

      I cannot believe they won best science blog. They should, instead, have won best BS blog.

      Nice try Dave. Next time!

  3. mattycoze

    You did good.

  4. Its a shame you didn’t win. Maybe next year? =)

    Love the picture, by the way.

  5. I must say I am a little crest fallen at the result. However, that is not going to affect the way in which I appreciate this blog of yours! Great content. Great writing. And honestly, an outdoorsy-scientist: now that’s as rare as ozone in the lower atmosphere (forgive the poor analogy!) ;)

    • Haha, thanks Dr. Skeptic! Funnily enough, I know lots of scientists who are just as much (if not more) outdoorsy than me, because my old faculty had a strong ecology department. They were always off on field trips in the middle of the night, or coming back from week-long forays into the bush in mud caked four wheel drives!

  6. You can’t imagine how devastated I was on waking up on Monday morning and seeing that you didn’t win! :-) Better luck next year . . .

    • If I can get a readership as big as Watts by next year I won’t need luck, haha! It was a bit of a disappointment, yes… but thanks for the support!

  7. chris

    You did your best. Dave. Your blog is great and I look forward to reading it. It was a fun experiment. I wonder what Jurgen Boegard thinks climate scientists have to gain by ‘scaring’ people?

  8. Daniel Barnett

    Unlucky dave
    better luck next year


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