You’re going to be seeing more of this little critter…

Flying, with a little help from its third-hand-metal-thing friend.

He rides the tube at night time...

Any guesses as to what it’s all about?

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10 thoughts on “Duck!

  1. Peter

    you’re going to do a rendition of rubber ducky as immortalized by ernie on your next video segment?

  2. Oooh, good idea! Alas, no.

  3. Duck is the mascot (indicator species) for some environment project?

  4. Or you’ve adopted the duck for some charity? Is you duck in training for some event?

  5. The last one is close… the duck is preparing for a marathon tomorrow. What type of marathon? You’ll have to wait and see!

  6. a duck that runs marathons!! cannot wait!!

  7. mattycoze

    I predict an article about lame ducks and quackery.

  8. I have a friend who dressed up as a duck and ran through the streets of Sydney. I can’t remember if he was running with a group of regularly-clad people, or if every runner was in a duck costume. (Of course, it’s possible my friend was dressed as a yellow duck and running through the streets of Sydney for absolutely no reason! I have great friends.)

    In Huntington Beach in California there’s an annual yellow duck parade where hundreds, maybe thousands, of small yellow ducks are marched along Main Street and down the pier until they are shoved into the sea.

    You know, I remember both of these events, in Sydney, and in HB, but the reason for them escapes me. Both seem like good fun.

    What ARE you doing??

  9. chris

    I am guessing the duck is going to go..stop..go again…stop again…go again…stop again. Am I warm?

  10. Chris, you’re hotter than warm! The duck’s finished its career now, all that remains is for it to be released back into the wild. We might invite it back for a guest appearance at the official red carpet launch of the video though.

    Christy; those events are so much fun! I personally prefer the dress-up-and-run-around to the dump-ducks-in-a-waterway thing, but both can be a right laugh.


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