Starting Stopping

Today, the little duck featured in my last post started getting to work. It’s part of a project I’m working on with a group from the Sci Comm course; we’re producing a stop motion video of a day in the life of a scientist. The first day of shooting went well, but it’s quite tough!

Youtube has some fantastic examples of stop-motion, and we’ve found that there is a huge amount of scope for creativity, especially with paper crafting. However, there’s also pitfalls: we have to keep track of a real person’s hand movements, and anywhere from a few to dozens of individual objects, some of which are interacting with the person in a realistic way and others that are wandering about under their own steam.

I should have a finished product to show off in 3 weeks, though we hope to be completed earlier! Before that, there’ll be another intense day of concentration and shooting and hours of editing…

I’m not sure if we’ll reach the amazingness of the Wolf and Pig, but I think a few of our tricks will look very cool!

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6 thoughts on “Starting Stopping

  1. George

    I love Wolf and Pig, and I’m very excited about seeing the finished thing. It’s going to be a potential highlight of the day for sure.

  2. this is great!!! I cannot wait to see yours!!!

  3. mattycoze

    that’s insane! How did they manage to print out so many photos!?

    • It must have taken them ages to shoot, print then re-shoot. Such a cool concept and execution though.

      • mattycoze

        I did one at home once when we got a digital camera (with an 8Mb card!) for the first time (and I had an old copy of Flash to play with). I took pictures every couple of minutes, as I moved the bedroom around; the wardrobes danced around the room, the bed made itself with the slats and mattress falling into place. And then I did some stuff of socks creeping around the room like snakes etc. Fun times.

  4. Your project sounds challenging – can’t wait to see it.


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