What a mess!

My last few days have been consumed in a world where everything must be tracked, measured, set and photographed. Hopefully this weekend I’ll break out of the stop-motion mould to resurface into my usual terrain of mixed metaphors and other linguistic devices.

Can you imagine trying to realistically move everything on this desk, one at a time? Fun!

This isn't necessarily going to be in the video. I just thought it looked cool.

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5 thoughts on “What a mess!

  1. mattycoze

    Heh awesome, can’t wait! btw packing peanuts don’t taste much like peanuts.

  2. Ha,ha,ha! Too funny! Those peanuts recyclable? Don’t make me send the EPA on you! Tee-hee… Great picture! Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Well, they’re reuseable… I found them in the shared cupboard at my flat and recruited them for the job!

      Matt, yes, they taste more like dying.

  3. but it all be worth it!!

  4. cucinainternational

    Hi David,

    I’ve looked at your fantastic science blog and congratulate you for being a finalist in the Weblog awards! I was wondering if you’d be interested in being profiled for the newspaper I work for? I’ve included an email address so feel free to contact me using that. Thanks so much and I look forward to speaking with you!



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