Super cool stuff: Explosion edition!

As part of the Super Secret Project, I’ve been testing exploding things. Water balloons, to be precise. Yes, it’s a slow-motion cliche, but it’s also awesome to be able to do this kind of stuff myself!

You've seen this stuff before, right? I love it!

It's hard to know what part to aim at...

It's the way it shatters that matters.

These were shot using my 7D’s movie mode. I set it to 60 frames per second video, with 1/4000th second shutter speed. It’s a gorgeous day outside and I found a border of shadow so I could use the sun’s light against a dark background (Studio? Who needs one?) Then it was just a matter of popping the balloons in the frame…

I like the reflection in this one.

Even at 1/4000th, there's still motion blur!

This was the last one I tried, and probably my favourite!

Unfortunately I’m not sure that 60fps is enough for what I want to use it for. Still a nice way to get out, catch a bit of sun and learn new video shooting and editing techniques.

Can you think of anything else that’d look cool, either in super slow motion video or super high speed still shots?

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9 thoughts on “Super cool stuff: Explosion edition!

  1. Mary Beth

    Fiddle sticks falling, “Jacks” being thrown, rainwater falling from leaves, balls bouncing, eyes blinking, birds building nest, wind blowing trees etc…, lips forming a smile, coffee being poured, bacon being fried, candles burning, clothes being ironed, grass being mowed, paint being applied, salt being poured, bath being filled, dust being removed, lipstick being applied, teeth being brushed, floors being mopped or swept, face being washed, birds eating from feeder, a rooster crowing, a cow mooing , a rose blooming, a cat meowing, an apple being cut, feet dancing, a pear being baked, a letter being written, a book being closed/opened….a fewcet turned on//off…………

  2. Mary Beth

    Another one….a lemon being “squirted” …

  3. bagnidilucca

    I like the second last photo – it looks a bit like a chook.

  4. George

    Awesome pics – shame about the motion blur though. Are they not usable for the project?

  5. great shots!! and super fun!! all I can think of is liquids for this type of pictures. Or small things falling (because big ones can hurt you LOL) or light.

  6. Lots of suggestions, thanks Mary! bagnidilucca, you’re right… amazing how the mind can shape things out of a mess of moving water.

    George, we’re thinking about how it might be useable. Nils had a couple of good ideas, I’m going to see how they look.

  7. jakeisblogging

    I’ve got a camera that does 1000fps. Quality isn’t great at that setting but it’s very good at 210fps. Check out this video I made a few years ago:


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