Plugging, Policy and Bacon

It’s a Friday night! Time to kick back, edit an essay on science policy, eat an indulgent bacon sandwich (it’s been a long time since I had bacon) and point the finger at some good things I’ve been involved in recently.

The first: I, Science, the science magazine of Imperial College, has a new issue out on the theme Unseen Science. I’ve collaborated for a feature in there, along with my usual events and exhibitions reviews and listing section. Here’s the cover; if you’re on campus, grab a free copy!

It's an optical Illusion! Move your head forward and back relative to the screen...

Next up, Ben and I have been plugging away with our amazing (probably not the right adjective) radio show, 5 Songs. This week we took a look at 5 covers which were better than their originals, with some seriously good tunes featured. We also had not one or two, but three studio guests join us!

Listen back here, at the episode archive.

OK, now back to the bacon and policy.


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3 thoughts on “Plugging, Policy and Bacon

  1. Kostas

    Now that’s false info. You had bacon yesterday!
    Oh and the I,Science cover looks really good on paper! Much better than the screen!
    The layout looks good too! More on the content on Monday (I forgot it at the office).

  2. M@

    But what about Kevin Bacon?


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