Flashback to the Gold Coast

A strange photo in the extreme early morning at The Spit.

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9 thoughts on “Flashback to the Gold Coast

  1. Chris

    I’ve always thought 2 heads would be better than one.

  2. Oh dear. I miss this place.

    • Yeah. I want to go for a walk in morning sunshine and actually feel warm…

      • I am so sick of snow and rain and cold weather in general. I want to see the beach again.
        Do you plan on going back to Oz any time soon?

      • No, well, not for another 6 months at least. It’ll depend on whether I get a job over here at the end of it; I really am looking forward to summer, it’s been 13 months since I last saw it!

  3. I grew up at Main Beach. The spit was just a group of sandhills when I was a child. We used to roam about climbing to the top and rolling down the other side. I’m glad I knew it then. We have an apartment a block away from the house I grew up in, and I still love the beach, but it is not the same. There are pictures on my blog if you are interested – new Main Beach anyway.

    • Wow, yes, I can’t imagine what it was like before the breakwall was put in and the development all kicked off. There are still a few sections which are relatively natural towards the end; a small patch in an ocean of tourist buildings!

  4. There is almost nothing left of the spit the way it was. It has all been worked over and planted. It is not all bad, but it is completely different. We went there in 1957 when I was 4. It has to be the best place and time to grow up. We had total freedom to run around on beach and apart from seeing a few flashers, which we found amusing, we didn’t get into too much trouble. The 50s, 60s and early 70s on the coast was a magical time.

    • Yes, my grandparents fondly recalled their trip to the Coast in the 50’s I believe… sounds like a completely different place to what it is now. Much simpler. There are still some places like that in Australia, but they are few and far between!


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