Action Agent

Want to do a good deed for your weekend?

My friend Coralie’s going for what looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity to Borneo, to raise awareness and take action stopping deforestation. I met Coralie at the AYCC’s Powershift event in Canberra (the one where my car was nicked…), and was totally inspired by how keen she was and her drive to get things done! I’m sure she’d do a fantastic job if given the chance.

You can help to give her that chance by voting for her! The process is quite simple, but does require registration: don’t worry, it’s painless. When you’re signed in, you can vote (Coralie is at the top right of the thumbnail images) up to three times.

Of course, there are lots of other worthwhile candidates, so while I’m backing Coralie because I know she’d be great, you can look around for other people who I’m sure will do amazing work too.

Meanwhile, here's something you WON'T be seeing this week!

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2 thoughts on “Action Agent

  1. M@

    So they all seem to be talking about ‘starring in a 3D film’ while over there. I kinda felt that with some of the videos, they’ll be judged more on their ability to play an instrument and compile a flashy presentation than their interests in stopping deforestation in Borneo. Oh well, good luck to them all.

    • That’s the nature of the stage I guess M@ – they need to sing and dance to attract votes. Public voting… well, you saw what happened to me!


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