Options for a new week: have your say!

Here are two versions of the same photo. For full effect, click on the first, have a look at it full size, then do the same with the second. Which do you prefer?

A noble hand in a gentle flood...

Or the full drama of the scene?

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11 thoughts on “Options for a new week: have your say!

  1. I much prefer the second one, but I can’t quite figure out why. It might be the blur, which mutes the details of the setting. It only struck me in the second one what was actually going on.

  2. Glenyan

    I prefer the second. The first is a nice photo in itself, but there are not enough reference points. It feels like a diorama.

  3. I like the first . the eyes can focus on one small gesture that might otherwise be less emphasized in an un-blurred photo.

  4. bengood4000

    First one – I like the contrast made by being focused on what could be a very normal interaction in a far from normal situation

  5. M@

    Very philosophical Dave :p … the distinction seems to be whether we choose to focus on the the little things that make the big picture, or the bigger picture itself!
    I think the first one makes the most visual sense to me, and I like it because of it’s simplicity, and focus on one aspect – a humane aspect. Less variables and confounding factors.
    The second one makes less sense, the conglomeration of things in the wider scope tends to cause us to jump to different conclusions on different areas of the photo. Like the man handing out ice-creams from the van there… I thought to myself why is he/she there? I wonder how their business is going on a day like that!?

  6. Thanks everyone! Glenyan, it does look a little like a diorama – that type of blurring gives a sense of them being miniatures, though the effect isn’t too pronounced.

    M@ – the ice cream guy had been serving towards the path before the water rose, then he just opened his back window and people started buying from the grassy side!

    I really can’t decide which I like more.

  7. Chris

    I like the second one. It is the variety and detail that make it interesting for me. The black and white makes me think about my childhood in England.

  8. I like both but I prefer the second one.

  9. I prefer the first. It focuses on the people where the second one has a bit more for the eyes to take in and draws attention away.

    And I kinda like the fact that they look like miniatures, too.

  10. Ioana

    I prefer the second one. Is always pleasant to discover lovely gestures in a corner of the life. beautiful both

  11. Full scene ! the fake TSE doesn’t really do it here :)


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