Ice-cream on the water, jets in the sky

I think I owe you a little explanation of the last few photos. No, it wasn’t a flood. The spectacular (ish) proximity of the moon, combined with normal tidal cycles, have been delivering the highest tides the Thames will see for the next 6 months.

On a nice Sunday afternoon stroll to Richmond, I noticed how high the water level was. It was basically level with the foreshore. I wasn’t the only one who saw it.

"The river is moving towards my toes, Mummy"

Within twenty minutes, the pavement along the foreshore was under 10cm of water. A floating restaurant, normally connected to land by a ramp, was cut off by the water, forcing its guests to take off their shoes and brave a chilly dash to the grass.

It was a very calm day, and the whole situation unfolded with very little fuss, but it was a completely unexpected thing to encounter!

The full glory of the Thames gently spilling its banks.

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2 thoughts on “Ice-cream on the water, jets in the sky

  1. and you had your camera with you!! great!

  2. PuzzledDragon

    Gives a foretaste of those slow and sneaky rising seas…. Really interesting photos.


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