Cutest. Kangaroo. Ever.

Have you ever seen a pair of eyes that made you melt into a soppy mess? No? Prepare to melt.


The subject of cute animals came up today (errr, Friday evening. What day is it? I’m tired.) after I had a minor nervous breakdown in the Science Communication area.

Baby tree kangaroos fixed it.

All I have are wet normal kangaroos.


Anyway, I should be on a coach to York for the weekend when this post goes live. Have a good weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Cutest. Kangaroo. Ever.

  1. Have an awesome time in York! Look for the mouse carvings on the wooden doors. :)

  2. It is indeed a very cute kangaroo. It looks a bit like a red panda.

  3. Roos are a hoot. Canadians have beavers, which are not nearly as cute.

  4. it´s great!! I´ve never seen one in my life!!

  5. Aww, stop it! You’re bringing out my maternal feelings…Pademelon, is it? :< )

  6. Menchu, the little one in the bottom photo is just a very wet Eastern Grey Kangaroo, I believe. Common, but cute!

    • David, I guess you ARE tired…I’m referring to the top image, the really cute one…the old Greys, well… Cheers! :< )

  7. Anonymous

    cute very cute

  8. Anonymous

    The first one is really cuuuuuute aww


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