Daffodil explosion

One of the quirky things about moving away from Australia is the pure novelty of spring. The recent warm conditions have ignited an explosion of early spring colour, mainly in the form of daffodils. They’re everywhere.

Outside the York city wall in the late afternoon on Saturday.

The London Tube’s daily rag, the Metro, carried a story recently about the trauma being suffered by daffodil farmers who are being put out of business by the fact that anyone wanting the flowers can just go grab them from the side of the road.

I think they’re trying to find the grey lining of a silver cloud, to be honest!

Finding a secluded spot for a Saturday afternoon. Click for full size...

Over the next week, you’ll be seeing a mixture of photos from the past term, as I wade through my archive and catch up on all the little things I’ve been shoving aside. Oh, and I’ll be talking about sports drinks…

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5 thoughts on “Daffodil explosion

  1. Coming from sub tropical Brisbane I just can’t get enough of the spring flowers here. I am now waiting impatiently for wisteria.

  2. Ooo! Pretty! I too love springtime. What a lovely spot, makes me want to run barefoot in the grass. Do you like to roll around on the grass? I do, but I need a nice rolling hill, though…Tee-hee..:) Great pics! Thanks for the fun! :)

  3. Toasty

    So beautiful! Texas is now covered in Bluebonnets, and is equally beautiful.

  4. Spring!!! seems far away for me. Love the pictures!

  5. Sunny

    This is my first time to see the real Daffodils, you know, my speech is Daffodils of this week.


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