Watt? Really? Climate skeptic turnaround!

What a cheerful way to start a new month! I was looking at my reader this morning and noticed something that’s really brightened me up. In a stunning backflip, one of the kingpins of the climate skeptic movement – Anthony Watts, of Watts Up With That? fame – has announced plans for a tell-all book detailing his gradual shift in mindset about the climate debate. I quote from his post:

“I found myself trapped into my position. It’s a truly heady environment, the climate skeptic blogosphere, and I was carrying a huge weight of expectation. Two hundred people told me I was right whenever I said something – can you imagine how much faith that gave me in my position. I hope they can, like me, follow the evidence to the right conclusion.”

The admission is stunning – Watts is one of the loudest and most influential climate skeptics in the world. Michael Mann, long a target of Watts, reveals that he was privy to some of the key turning points in Watts’ 180.

“Even while he was attacking me in public, we were exchanging increasingly deep emails. I was surprised – he’s obviously intelligent, but I thought his ideology was too strong to have a productive discussion. He even apologised about the pressure he was feeling to undermine my position; while it was tough, I knew that I could support him in private despite the public hostility.”

The revelation has, predictably, induced outrage and disbelief in the climate skeptic community:

“No amount of evidence can convince me Watts has changed his mind.” – Commenter 7, WUWT

“I have filed an FOI request for the alleged email exchange between Watts and Mann, as well as for all of Watts’ financial records. While I trust Watts as an honourable man, we all have a price. The world government has obviously siphoned enough funds off to meet that price and advance their agenda.” – Christopher Monckton

“As far as I’m concerned, he can go sit with JuLiar and the rest. One more shrill voice of alarm won’t affect the tidal wave of climate realism that is sweeping Australia.” Andrew Bolt

“It must have been torture. The commie leftists tortured it out of him.” – James Delingpole

It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds over the next few weeks. Will he become a pariah, or will he cause more skeptics to jump ship? I’ll leave the final statement to the words of Watts himself:

“I know it’s hard to believe – as hard as believing that what plants breathe in is a pollutant. However, I now know that ideology cannot outweigh evidence, and the evidence for anthropogenic climate change is overwhelming. I still get a bitter taste in my mouth when Al Gore speaks – but you can’t choose a side based on who you like the most. Watt needs to happen now is strong, global carbon emission reductions – April 1st must be the turning point.”

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7 thoughts on “Watt? Really? Climate skeptic turnaround!

  1. M@

    So this wasn’t an April fools joke?

  2. My thoughts exactly M@.
    I have to say, I’m incredibly OVER Chris Monckton – what a bloody twit! Sue everyone FOI everything!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!! The fool is nothing but a bloody paranoid, self-righteous snake-oil salesman.. Give him a tin hat and a blanket to hide under from the hidden communist demons..
    It is interesting (if not a joke) and I’m sure many of his fans will turn on him – would be karma after the insanity he encouraged in the most devoted of business-as-usual. Hopefully he can pass on the info as it was given to him to hopefully help others finally get what they’re too angry to even try to understand.

  3. Chris

    Yeah Dave. Happy April Fool’s Day from your “aunt”!

  4. lol – I can be gullible like that.. I even searched WUWT..
    I’d like to write it off as “hopeful” :-)

  5. Good one! You almost had me . . .

  6. I wish it were true… I wanted to do something more creative but didn’t get around to it!

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