We’re going to try to take over the world

The meteoric rise of brilliant blogger and radio buddy Ben has led to this: the Blography Challenge. Two friends, pitted against each other in a battle for world domination. Who will control South America? Is there any point trying to secure Asia, even though it gives you 7 extra troops each turn?

OK, no, we’re not playing Risk. We were both amazed at the diversity of countries accessing our blogs. After a lively discussion, we decided to make it into a game: who can take over the world in April?

It’s pretty simple. We both have a stat counter set to zero at the start of the month. It tracks where our hits come from. The objectives are as follows:

1) A hit from all the states in the US

2) A country for every letter of the alphabet (except X!)

3) The first to complete each continent:

Europe; Africa; Asia; Australasia; North America; South America; Antarctica

4) Achieving a hit from 50, 100 then 150 countries (out 0f 196)

I’m not sure which is going to be the hardest, to be honest! Completing Africa and Australasia will be nightmarish: many of the countries have small populations and minimal internet access. Antarctica’s a bit of a pipe dream too.

The prize will be pints. The results will be tallied and the difference will be owed, in beverage of choice, to the winner. So far since I reset my stat counter I’ve managed 20 countries spread across every continent except Antarctica; come on, you southern allies!

I live just down the train line from Heathrow. I can go anywhere in the world!

May the most universally accessible man win!

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9 thoughts on “We’re going to try to take over the world

  1. George

    +1 for the UK. FTW

  2. From the South of South America, visiting you!!! Argentina!!

  3. Woohoo! Bring it on :)

  4. Fron Aotearoa (i.e New Zealand). Does that count as A or N?

  5. M@

    I’d have trouble keeping tabs on all the categories for point scoring!

  6. jakeisblogging

    how the hell do you know which countries people visit from?

  7. Jake, using statcounter.com. You install an invisible HTML widget and it gives you all kinds of basic info. It’s cool.

    M@: Yes. It’s going to be tricky…

    Amryl: N!

  8. Chris

    Sorry Dave. I can only add to the Australian tally. I could check your blog out when I am in Switzerland, but that will be too late.

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