An interview I shouldn’t have read

“I got to surf waves in Mexico and Chile that I had read about in magazines since I was a kid. I hiked a 6088m peak in Bolivia and snowboarded down a fjord in Norway. I saw the midnight sun in Finland and wildlife in North America that I’d only ever seen in National Geographic. I took a small sailing boat from Panama to Colombia and got to spend a few days in the San Blas Islands. We moored our boat in between islands miles from civilisation and snorkelled in the most amazing underwater cave systems with thousands of fish, turtles and sharks. Some of the best things I have experienced are watching people who seemingly have nothing, yet live happier lives than a lot of people in developed countries who have all the opportunity in the world.”

… what am I doing in South Ealing?

Jake over at fearinenglish has interviewed Sammy Gigger, a chap he met while travelling. He’s from my home town in South Australia, Adelaide, bodyboards and has a serious wanderlust. More importantly he’s put his money where his mouth is and actually seen the world.

I had my taste of it in Australia, but this just made me want so much more. Go check out the interview!

The top of Tia Falls. I was the only one in the area, standing just under the cold cloud line and looking over the canyon as the roar of the falls reverberated around the rocks...

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5 thoughts on “An interview I shouldn’t have read

  1. The photo is just breathtaking!

  2. Kristin Brænne


  3. I wish I had the guts to live that way !!

  4. Toasty

    Truly Amazing! I just want to remind you that you are “doing it right”…seize every opportunity you get to make these wonderful memories. Take lots of photos to remember all of the great times you’ve had. One day you may share them with
    your grandchildren!

  5. Glad you liked it mate, he certainly makes you wanna pack up everything and go! We’ll all have to catch up for a wave next time we’re back in Adelaide, whenever that may be…


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