When in doubt, throw statistics out!

  • 27, 652: Blog hits this year
  • 6587: Shutter clicks on my 7D camera since purchase last September
  • 407: Days since I have seen summer
  • 230: Run target set by Bangladesh against Australia in a One Day Cricket game today
  • 185: Runs hit by Australian Shane Watson against Bangladesh today
  • 15: Sixes hit by Shane Watson, the most ever in a one day game
  • 12: Selection criteria for a weekend job at the Natural History Museum I’m applying for
  • 10: Music or art shows I’ve seen in the past 2 months
  • 9: Games played by DNAC Milan in the Ethos 5-a-side comp last term
  • 5.5: Months until MSc completion
  • 3: Awards given to me last term by course-mates for making a fool of myself
  • 2: Pigeons in this post
  • 1: Squirrels in this post
  • 0: Games won by DNAC Milan in the 5-a-side comp

These pigeons are surprisingly dignified. I caught them both with a broadbean.

A wild grape, here seen in the jaws of a voracious grey squirrel in Hyde Park.

Sunshine in London: Priceless!

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2 thoughts on “When in doubt, throw statistics out!

  1. enjoy the sunshine!!!
    You know, sometimes, when there is a stupid discussion at work and I don´t want to hear any more about it, I say “look, you maybe right but section d-1-2 of the manual says blablabla and under section 3.4 blabla”. As nobody knows what I´m talking about and are too lazy to check, discussion is over LOL

  2. George

    Dave, you should have left the last one out!


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