Enter the Barbican

Sunday Science is on hold while I revise. What better place to find a quiet, inspiring spot than the Barbican Centre? Here’s some pictures snapped during a long session hitting the books…

There's so many little nooks in the centre, it's easy to find a quiet moment for contemplation.

As darkness falls, the artificial lights flick on. Unfortunately it's not so beautiful at night.

While the buildings may appear ugly, something about this place captures my imagination.

With hanging gardens, water features and crazy concrete lines, it's a uniquely visual place.

And now onwards, to fly amongst the clouds of narrative theory and patterns of nonlinear internet use…

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3 thoughts on “Enter the Barbican

  1. M@

    Way to get my hopes up; This is a barbi-can: http://ralph.9msn.com.au/img/stuff/recipes/beer-chicken.jpg

    Put a beer into a chicken carcase, stand it up with half the beer inside it… cooks the best chicken.

  2. M@

    It tastes too good to care.


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