One Tree Point

When you name something after one tree, it’s extremely important that the tree stays where it is.

Quite a specific name.

Fortunately, the council at Tuross Head, in New South Wales, Australia, have taken steps to protect their special place.

The best protected tree in Tuross Head.

It’s not even a very good tree, if I may be so bold. Fortunately, Tuross Head’s got a lovely estuary to make up for it.

Now that's livin'!

The revision continues…

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7 thoughts on “One Tree Point

  1. Ciaran

    Fortunately the same can not be said of ‘One Tree Hill’, South Australia. If a vain search was made for the original ‘One Tree’, a major deforestation campaign would be in order. also a levelling of the land to find the Hill…

  2. George

    I enjoyed this post muchly.

  3. I wonder how many other places are named like this? I’m aware of One Palm Point in Indonesia, but I’m not sure if the name is true.

    I was somewhat tickled by the sheer ugliness of having barbed wire around the tree…

  4. wow that blue blue sky and the turquoise water are stunning

  5. Mark

    Yeah, they have the same thing in California. I give you lone cypress.
    (look at how many rock walls they have had to construct to keep the tree from sliding into the ocean.) I couldn’t find a picture of the fence keeping people out.

  6. will

    that fence around the tree looks ridiculous! why bother!?

  7. What a shame the fence is so ugly around that poor little tree.


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