What would you make people see?

A nice little convergence of two events happened recently. The first: I was dragged into a record store near Brick Lane last week, and spotted one of my favourite albums of all time, The Shape Of Punk To Come by Refused.

It’s not the type of music that’s easy to listen to. However, it is brash, experimental, emotional, political and grabs you by the throat from the first crunching riff: “I’ve got a bone to pick with capitalism // And a few to break!”

The real hooks come with the classic track New Noise. The introduction builds up, pulls back, and then absolutely explodes.

It’s here for us to admire // if we can afford the beauty of it // can afford the luxury of turning our heads

Adjust your thousand dollar smile and behold the creation of man

Great words won’t cover ugly actions // Good frames won’t save bad paintings.

The second event in the confluence I mentioned earlier was that I dug up the album from the depths of my hard drive, where it hadn’t been played for 2 years. As I was doing so, the doorbell rang: a delivery driver with brand new speakers for my desk! I christened them with some serious punk music and a loud trip down memory lane.

Then, as I was listening, I stumbled across this:

"All he asks is that we look" - Ocean, by Abstruse Goose. Click to go to the comic page.

It’s a bittersweet story: the red hat guy is going to experience the time of his life, while others sit in the dark. I let my mind wander, buffeted by the sonic assault of Refused, seeing many metaphors in the comic (along with, of course, the crass one). Where would you ask people to look if you could?

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5 thoughts on “What would you make people see?

  1. Deep into the human spirit

  2. Past their doubts.

  3. I agree, def the human spirit. Great post! :)

  4. Yes. Looking inside or outside… it’d be nice to inspire people to look deeply both ways. I guess I’d settle for any consideration that goes beyond the surface of what we’re comfortable with.

  5. Kostas

    The people around them.


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