Blography: Into the final week!

Djibouti. Hungary. Guatemala. Pakistan. Estonia. Guernsey. The Northern Mariana Islands. This is like a game of Pokemon with the world.

Yay for a horrific photoshop job! Take that, integrity of the Earth!

As you might recall, Ben and I have been running a Blography challenge for the month of April. After an animated discussion about all the weird and wonderful places we were getting visits from, we decided to face off for a month and see who could ‘catch em all’.

So far, Ben is ahead by a fair margin – he’s picked up 100 countries, while I’m in the early 70’s. Last time I checked, we were both very close to finishing off the USA’s states – I need a couple of mid-northwest states and so does he. Europe is similarly stalemated, I think he’s ahead but there are a few nuts that are tough to crack. However, I’ve been getting regular hits from Mali, and I think that’s great.

Whoever wins (cough Ben cough) I’ve massively improved my knowledge of global geography so far! I’ve even had hits from a couple of places I had never heard of, like the Northern Mariana Islands (they’re near Guam, if that helps?). When I saw that on my stat counter, I went on a wiki adventure looking at where they are and their history. Quite interesting – like many of these tiny islands, they have no ability to protect themselves from larger military forces, so they have changed hands repeatedly in modern history.

It reminded me of a trip to the Cook Islands I went on with three mates in late 2007. They, too, are out in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific, with the tiny island Rarotonga the capital. It’s visited mainly by honeymooning couples, but there’s a dozen or so intense reef breaks for intrepid surf explorers. The waves are much more suited to bodyboarding than stand-up surfing, because they are short, powerful and offer lots of air sections. Oh, and the reefs are sharp, shallow coral, studded with giant sea urchins the size of footballs. Check out this video for a cheeky little story of some young bodyboarders having a ball in the Cooks:

So, one more week in Blography and I need to make up ground! I doubt it’ll happen, because I’ve got too much revision to focus on writing amazing content (ha!), but who knows?

Piccy slotting in to a clean blue barrel at Socials, late 2007.

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One thought on “Blography: Into the final week!

  1. What you should do is to write about some of the countries that you’re targeting. Take for example, my home country Malaysia. One of the main environmental concern there is is about deforestation to give way to palm oil plantations. On one hand, some environmental groups (especially those from US and EU) are accusing that palm oil plantations in Malaysia is not sustainable and are destroying orang utans habitats. While on the other hand, the Malaysian government is accusing the environmental groups are being used by soybean oil related companies to block entrance of palm oil into their market while maintaining that Malaysian palm oils are sustainable.

    You might not have enough time to mention all countries, but I’m sure it’ll attract more traffic from those countries that you mention.


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