Two minor milestones

A couple of things happened today. One is a statistical achievement; today, my blog’s hits for 2011 are set to eclipse the total hits I had in 2010: 31, 226. It’s modest compared to many of the ‘big’ blogs out there, but in my first 10 months of posting here, I didn’t crack 1000 visits in any single month; so averaging 260 per day is a big step up. And for that I thank you all for reading!

The second is that the Blography challenge between Ben and I ended today. It was good fun, and the results will be collated after exams. I think he’s going to take home most of the awards but there could be some regional surprises.

I’m going to put ‘real’ blogging, such as Sunday Science, on hold until the end of the week, because my exams loom on Tuesday and Thursday. After that, though, all bets are off! There’s 12 post drafts sitting waiting for me to give them the love and nourishment they need to face the big wide internet world…

The Best Of All Lookout, a shot from my very first ever blog! Click the picture to go read it...

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7 thoughts on “Two minor milestones

  1. Congrats “31, 226” is amazing I reckon, I need to improve my stats :p

    Good picture from the lookout, I need to go back there.

    • It’s OK, but I reckon I could do a lot better if I went back there now, or even just reprocessed this RAW! But it’s got the faux-HDR look I seemed to like at the time… eew.

      • I hate HDR and i did not really notice (now that you mentioned it…) it’s still subtle enough to be enjoyable !

  2. Kristin Brænne


  3. it is rewarding, isn’t it? Congrats!!!
    I was absent for two weeks so in the last days my stats went to zero LOL
    Good luck in your exams!! I’m sure you’ll do well!!!

  4. 31,000+ visitors. WOW!

    And all the best for your exams. I am looking forward to see how many hits you guys got from Antarctica! Cheers!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful photo – and it is not too far from where I live in Brisbane. I have photos of myself when I was about 3 in some of the spots on your first blog. It is fun watching a blog grow. It is fascinating to see where people come from and getting to know them when you don’t really know them at all.


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