I Still Believe: A message for your monday

If I had to name people I respected, Frank Turner would be high on the list. He lives the way I want to live; not in what he actually does, but how he does it.

“There’s so many things that a person could do in life and there’s so many places to go and people to see and things to do and if you’ve only got, what, three score years and ten… that terrifies me and it makes me frantic in a way about just trying to… make sure that I live up to all the things that I think that I could be if I try hard.”

I’m not afraid of dying: I’m afraid of losing the opportunity to live, and live up to the things I aspire to.

Frank was the subject of a short documentary clip earlier this year; check it out. If it doesn’t make you think about where your life is, you’re either living the dream or a vegetable!

It might be my age or where I’m at in my life, but Frank’s lyrics speak volumes to me. I saw him live last year just before my big road trip started, and his song “The Road” became the soundtrack of my year.

I can’t really decide which of his songs I like the most – it probably depends on my mood – but Photosynthesis is right up there. He’s got a new album due out soon and the new material looks just as good as the old. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “I Still Believe: A message for your monday

  1. I decided quite early on that I wanted a big, fat life, not one of those tiny, boring ones. I’m prety happy with the result. Thanks for the inspiration.


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