Crunch Time, #1

No, I’m not talking about cereal. It’s exam day! Wish me luck…

A ferocious wave detonates near Byron Bay, New South Wales.

One of the best photos I think I've taken with a point and shoot camera.

Actually, I probably don’t need luck. I’ve achieved a level of knowledge that goes well beyond the superficial but doesn’t extend into too much detail that I risk getting bogged down on any single essay answer. My main challenge will be the inevitable hand-cramps!

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6 thoughts on “Crunch Time, #1

  1. Good luck anyway.

  2. wokay. all the best. and rest your hand…

    err… that didn’t come out right…

  3. It went well, thanks! And my hand was fine. I guess the guitar practice has kept it nice and strong. That’s probably it.

    One more on Thursday and I’m free of the shackles of endless readings and academia… it’ll be Prac Time!

  4. wish you the best of luck!! it is always nice to have it by our side :)

  5. Chris

    Great to hear exam went well. Love the ‘drop on leaf’ shot.


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