Revision Tunes

Long hours in front of a computer or on my bed reading mean long hours accompanied by music. Unlike some, I find it much easier to revise with music. Depending on my mood, it could be any pace or style, but generally it’s something with a driving but gentle rhythm. It needs to keep my ears interested without grabbing my attention. Here’s a few of the tunes that have spun up on my playlist of late…

In that last Stone Roses one, it starts getting properly groovy about 4 minutes in! When you’re studying, or reading, or trying to focus – what sounds help you?

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8 thoughts on “Revision Tunes

  1. George

    YES! So glad Dire Straits made the cut… although I half expected a bad joke regarding the name. But alas, you failed me Dave.

  2. Bonobo is in my revision playlist also ! to that I would add some thievery corporation and couple of Indian Sitar songs !

    Never heard the 2nd song, quite nice :)

  3. Nicholas Robertson

    For me its:
    Love is Like a Sunset – Phoenix
    Emotion is Dead Part 2 – The Juliana Theory
    Reckoner – Radiohead or Pyramid Song- Radiohead
    Love that stones roses tune, they are brilliant.

  4. M@

    Game music is supposed to be pretty good for concentration and keeping the mind at a steady pace. Friend of mine used to listen to the Halo soundtrack haha.

  5. how lucky!! I need silence to be able to study!!

  6. Chris

    As I am usually preparing work for classes, rather than studying, I tend to go for the upbeat to keep me motivated and awake. Polyphonic Spree, Flaming Lips and Mad Caddies foot the bill for me! Time honoured favourites are Supertramp.


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