Art online… with brilliant design

In a brief online adventure in between studying yesterday, I stumbled across an outstandingly well imagined and executed website.

Click here to take the Monet journey.

I love the concept of bringing old art to life, exploiting the interactivity and technical capability of the web. It’s not intrusive and I don’t feel it detracts from the art in any way. Rather, it adds a new dimension to it, to replace the dimension lost by sitting looking at the art on a computer screen, rather than in-person at a gallery.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy – and if you know of any other similarly well designed web sites, about anything, please share them! I am going to be designing a website of my own in the coming term, and while I can’t hope to achieve something as complex as this, hopefully I can create something a little out of the ordinary.

Now off for last-minute revision… I don’t think I’ve prepared as well for this exam as the first one, but oh well!

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One thought on “Art online… with brilliant design

  1. thanks for sharing your finding!


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