Finding Me Out: Lazy Sunday Edition

It’s always illuminating: search terms! In honour of having the weekend ‘off’, and being kind of knackered, I’m putting off the ol’ science post and opting to dig up quirky terms people have been using to find this blog. As usual, they fall into distinct categories:

Cool stuff and animals:

  • epic dolphins
  • super fun science explosions
  • kangaroos communicating (What’s that, skipp?)
  • names for pet tardigrade (this suggests to me that someone does actually have a pet tardigrade. If so, who are you, and are you as awesome as I think you might be?)
  • who let the dogs out
  • what is currently happening in science/shark
  • duck costume marathon

Things related to posts, especially stupid ones, I’ve made:

  • bad smell in our rug should we throw it out?
  • nothing could be as irresponsible as a bunch of adults
  • why does my farts not smell bad to me
  • why farts smell at night (there are some really creepy fart search terms coming up as well as these. I think I might, er, hold in future posts on the subject.)

Aaaand those really odd things that I wouldn’t expect people to look for:

  • i splash (congratulations, so do I!)
  • futuristic bank (with customer service?)
  • best nose (buh?)
  • stuff the just use sun light videos (BUH?)
  • can you surf aral sea (no.)
  • people that think their better than their best friend (… this sounds like it would have a sad back story)

Many of these are related to the name (not the caption) of images I’ve uploaded. I think I’m going to start naming them really outlandish or popular things, instead of accurately!

A ludicrously overprocessed photo of one of the field sampling sites I used on the Gold Coast.

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8 thoughts on “Finding Me Out: Lazy Sunday Edition

  1. I have had several find my blog by putting in the words “cracked wall” and they find my posts about the stone house we are building in the mountains. Why would anyone be looking for a cracked wall????

  2. you do realize that writing this post is enabling the crazed search engines to tag your blog for weirder shit? :P but i guess we won’t mind that… nothing like weird search engine love to fill in the slow post days!

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  4. bagnidilucca; yes, it’s very odd what attracts hits! “Best nose”? I suppose perhaps I could imagine searching that if I was writing a post about ancient or dilapidated architecture?

    Pranab, heh, yes, it’s a self-feeding cycle :P

  5. Ha, funny shit. I made reference to pornstar Chloe Conrad a couple times in mine, and a couple times a week I get dudes on my site via searching ‘porn’ or ‘australian pornstar’. I can’t help but think these guys become bitterly disappointed when they arrive at my site and there’s zero boobs.

    • Yes, I got one from “Beg to smell my farts” and I think they’d have appreciated something rather kinkier than my article… poor creepy internet users, we’re wasting their precious time!

  6. Chris

    What is “buh?”

    • A general expression of lack of comprehension. Like “Huh?” Favoured over here because “Huh” sounds like “Ha” which sounds like some european-language words. And it has a nicer “b” at the front.


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