Primeval Instincts

"It just tastes better that way." Credit: Abstruse Goose; click to see the comic page!

I was cheering along until the last line of panels. Then, buh? Amusingly, I had Domino’s on Sunday for the first time in, oh, I don’t know. Years. It’s quite different over here in the UK.

On life-related notes, I have finally settled on a dissertation topic (watch out, climate contrarians, I’m going to be e-stalking y’all) and will be producing the first episode of the IC Sci Comm radio show Mission Impossible tomorrow. I even got my camera out of its drawer and managed to get the dust off it for a while. Post-exams? I like it!

This is unrelated to the post, but life is feeling a bit more sunny than it was last week!

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One thought on “Primeval Instincts

  1. Chris

    Glad to hear that life is feeling a bit sunnier for you. Give it to the climate ‘contrarians’ with both barrels.


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